Children Affected by
the Nepal Earthquakes

When the earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May of last year, Samita lost her father when their house collapsed on him. Her mother had left the family some 10 years back, so now, with nowhere else to turn, Samita and her two siblings are living with their uncles.

Children Affected by the Nepal Earthquakes

When Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams came soon after the quake to bring relief, they asked Samita how they could help her. She responded, “Please help me study and go to school.”

Without anyone else to take care of the family, she may need to drop out of school to find a job.

Children Affected by the Nepal Earthquakes

Shreya was buried under rubble after one of the earthquakes. She remained trapped for 30 minutes before a neighbor rescued her.

Baby Shreya, a little 1-year-old girl, was buried under the rubble during the earthquake. She was trapped for half an hour before her neighbors rescued her. After the incident, she fell sick for a week and could not eat or walk. Overtime, she began to heal.

Like Samita and baby Shreya, thousands of other children were affected by the major earthquakes that struck Nepal last year on April 25 and May 12. With approximately 100 aftershocks shaking the nation during that time—some creating devastating landslides that wiped out entire villages—many children lost their families and friends so suddenly.

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Children in this village were traumatized after the earthquakes hit. As part of a relief event, four Sisters of Compassion spent time showing love to the children.

In one village, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams comforted children traumatized by the earthquakes and their aftermath. Four GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion especially spent time with them, playing games with the children and giving them candy.

Please continue to pray for children in Nepal to recover from the trauma, both physically and psychologically. Pray also for their families’ homes to be rebuilt, and pray the children will be able to go to school.

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