Compassion Services

Compassion Services meets the needs of people in dire situations. During the coronavirus pandemic, for example, GFA missionaries provided face masks, soap, groceries and cooked meals to thousands of people impacted by lockdowns.

When you give to Compassion Services you help enable us to serve people in many needed ways, such as ministering to those in slums and leprosy colonies and even bringing medical care to remote areas. Each area of ministry provides practical, relevant help during times of crisis, such as when poverty becomes life-threatening or after natural disasters. Through these ministries, GFA missionaries are revealing God’s compassion to people in desperate need.

“I lost my mother three years ago, and my father has health issues and he is unable to walk. We depend on begging for our survival. But due to lockdown, we are starving and sleeping [with] empty stomachs. I thank you for providing food [for] us every day.” —a 7-year-old girl, recipient of pandemic relief supplies

“[This] ration is a great help and . . . has not only helped us physically, but it has raised hope within us that everything is not bad during this lockdown. Even though there is no job, there is no work, there is no food—life is at a standstill and nothing is happening around us—it raises a hope within us that somebody loves us, somebody cares for us. … Humanity is serving people in need, and they have done it. … The church has done it perfectly.” —Ajani, pandemic food relief recipient

“[GFA World] has a rich legacy of being responsive to humanitarian crises, doing these initiatives in various parts of the country. [We] hope to make a difference to the vulnerable and marginalized and hope they overcome these unprecedented circumstances.” —Laini, a national missionary

Our Stewardship Commitment

Gospel for Asia is dedicated to the most effective and efficient stewardship of resources, according to 1 Corinthians 3:12-14. Contributions to GFA are income tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All gift options represent GFA’s actual ministry efforts to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities. Regardless of particular preferences, moneys are raised for ministry purposes, and GFA retains discretion to use donated funds in any manner that serves our charitable objectives.

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