Sponsor Nathan and Jenny

My GFA Story

Nathan and Jenny both grew up in families focused on ministry—Nathan's family ministered in Brooklyn, NY, and Jenny's family served with GFA in Texas. This strong focus significantly shaped their lives, and they both grew up desiring to serve the Lord in missions. Nathan began volunteering with GFA in 2013, after his parents joined staff. He began to really understand Asia's great need and how God is using GFA to help people in Asia learn about Christ's ransom for them. After several months, God lead Nathan to join GFA's staff. Jenny grew up volunteering in GFA's office and joining weekly prayer meetings. After high school, she volunteered full-time for a year while she prayed about her desire to join staff, and the Lord confirmed this desire was His will in 2012. Nathan and Jenny became friends as they served, prayed and fellowshipped together at GFA. Their friendship continued to grow, and the Lord brought them together in marriage in April, 2018.

What I do

Nathan’s responsibilities revolve around ensuring that the rest of the staff are able to function and do their work. By keeping the computers, emails, etc. protected and functioning, he helps the ministry continue to hold up the arms of our brothers and sisters in Asia. Jenny serves in GFA’s Graphics Design department. Her daily tasks involve designing brochures, mailings, newsletters and ads, and updating GFA’s books and booklets. Through these materials, the Lord is raising up supporters in the West to equip national workers in Asia.

More About Nathan and Jenny

Where we're from

New York

Where I Serve

Information Technology

Favorite Bible verse

Jenny: Colossians 3:1-4 / Nathan: Romans 9:16

Favorite Field Ministry

Red Light Ministry

Hobbies and Interests

Baking, painting, reading together, learning

About Partnering with Behind-the-Scenes Missionaries

You can help provide for a member of the Mission Support Team for as little as $50 per month. For each monthly pledge to Gospel for Asia’s Behind-the-Scenes Missionary Fund, you will receive a packet that includes the photo and personal information of a behind-the-scenes missionary you can pray for and contact. (To pledge more than $50 monthly, please call us at 1-800-946-2742.)

Whatever role the team member plays in their administrative office—from contacting ministry supporters to processing donations or designing web pages—each one fills a crucial need within the ministry and enables more than 100 national missionaries to minster in Asia.

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