GFA-supported workers distributed school supplies to the children.

Coming from nearby states, families come to live near the brick factory to find work. At the factory they work long hours, making 1,500 bricks a day. Often you will find children working alongside their parents in the factory, because their parents are unable to afford to send them to school or unaware of the importance of an education.

On June 12, World Day Against Child Labor, GFA-supported workers conducted a program for the families who work at the brick factory. They provided children with school supplies, such as notebooks, pencils and erasers, and shared with the parents the effects of child labor and how important it is for their children to receive an education.

Afterward, the families expressed their gratitude to the workers. “I thank you for making us aware of the ill-effects of child labor,” one parent said. “Now we want our children to study and have a bright future.”

Praise God for this opportunity to minister to the families laboring at this brick factory.

This young girl is one of the children to receive school supplies on World Day Against Child Labor. She received a notebook and pencil.

Please pray:

  • All the parents will understand the importance of education and will send their children to school.
  • God will provide financially for these families, so that their children no longer have to work alongside them in the factory.
  • Children all over the world will no longer be forced into labor.

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