Choose Your Behind-the-Scenes Missionary

GFA’s missionaries serving in behind-the-scenes administrative roles function as a key connection between ministry supporters in the West and on-the-ground national workers in Asia.

By partnering with a behind-the-scenes missionary, you will be part of upholding their vital support of the mission field. Together, you will enable countless lives in Asia to be touched by the truth and kindness of God’s grace.

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Anna Beth

Where I'm from: Texas

Where I serve: Advertising Relations

God led me in small steps to join the staff at Gospel for Asia. I got to visit the field in 2015 and through it, the Lord opened my eyes and created in me a greater heart for missions. He showed me that I have brothers and sisters in Christ …

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Where I'm from: Maryland

Where I serve: Shipping & Receiving

I spent two years in GFA's School of Discipleship. It was during that time that I truly surrendered my life to Christ and asked "Lord, what do you want me to do with my life?" I realized the dreams I had for my life were mostly self-centered. The Lord …

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Where I'm from: Virginia

Where I serve: Communications

Since I was a teenager, I have sensed the Lord leading me toward missions. After traveling to Asia for the first time in 2006, He specifically placed that region on my heart and gave me a desire to partner with our brothers and sisters there. I serve at Gospel for …

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Where I'm from: Oklahoma

Where I serve: Information Technology

Asia contains one of the highest densities of people who have never heard of Jesus, His gift on the cross or His love. In Asia, millions of people struggle without hope of a better life. As I learned these facts, I was saddened and burdened. Who could bring hope to …

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Where I'm from: Texas

Where I serve: Ministry Partnerships

The Lord gave me a love for the people of Asia at a young age. My parents joined staff with GFA 25 years ago, and our family's involvement played a large role in shaping that love. The Lord impressed upon my heart a strong desire to bring hope to …

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Where I'm from: Texas

Where I serve: Donor Relations

Thirty-eight years ago, I prayed for a man named KP Yohannan and his wife, Gisela. At a 1990's AGLOW conference, I learned of a Prayer initiative targeting where 97% of 3 billion Gospel-unreached people live. It was there where I first saw a woman totally shrouded in a Burka …

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