Pray for the political situation

Bangladesh has a long and tumultuous history of strife and political division. It was part of British India until 1947. In 1955 the country broke off from India, changing its name from East Bengal to East Pakistan. However, the 1600 kilometer distance between Pakistan and East Pakistan proved too awkward and the country seceded in 1971, changing its name again, this time to Bangladesh. The country was ruled by a military regime until 2008, when the first elections were conducted. Yet, its leadership is still unstable. Read about a recent example of how this political climate affected the missionaries who work in Bangladesh.

Pray that the difficult political situation will not slow down the work of the ministry in Bangladesh.

Pray for ministry to Muslims

Almost 90 percent of Bangladeshis are Muslims. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries must have a deep understanding of Islam and a persistent, dedicated faith in Christ if they are to be effective in this country. See how missionaries Jiame and Singh Terang are reaching out to their Muslim neighbors. Their stories will help you see how to pray for them.

Pray for natural disaster relief

Because of its location between the foothills of the Himalayas to the north and the Bay of Bengal to the south, Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters. Monsoon flooding is almost an annual event, and storms, like Cyclone Aila in 2009, routinely make life miserable for the people of this country.

Pray for GFA's Compassion Services teams who offer aid after these disasters strike. For many Bangladeshis, meeting these teams is their first contact with a Christian.

Pray for poverty relief

Bangladesh is bursting at the seams with more than 158 million people crammed in its borders. That's like having half the population of the United States all living in the state of Iowa. It is very difficult to purchase land, so many people live as squatters in one of the country's many slums, or try to pursue farming on flood-prone land.

Pray that GFA-supported missionaries can provide financial assistance through life-sustaining gifts from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog.

Pray for growing congregations

When Bangladeshis begin following Jesus, they know their lives will be a struggle. Some believers, like the one in this story are kicked out of their villages. Others have seen their homes and churches burned down. They need our prayers to keep them safe, and to persevere in their newfound faith.

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