Pray for Child Sponsorship

Through GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, many impoverished children receive the opportunity to learn and advance themselves in life. The program staff encourages the children and demonstrate Christ’s love. With all the tools the program offers, which may include a free meal every day, school supplies, health care and hygiene training, children have the chance to break the cycle of poverty; this can change their lives and the lives of their families forever.

Join us this month as we pray for the child sponsorship program and children in the program.

Pray for the Students to Have a Hunger to Learn

Attending school and learning can be difficult for any child, especially when they have heavy life challenges distracting them, such as dire poverty. A child may not yet understand the importance of an education because they had to work at a young age instead of going to school, or maybe a child faces behavioral challenges due to past traumas, neglect, or the family’s struggles at home. To truly thrive and gain an education that will help them succeed in life, each student will need perseverance and initiative as they overcome many different hurdles.

Pray that students in the sponsorship program will seize the opportunity to learn. May God open their minds and quiet their spirits so that they may learn and thrive.

Pray for Blessings on the Families

Child sponsorship is a blessing not only to the student but also to the student’s family. The program alleviates families’ financial burdens as it helps provide for their sponsored children. Additionally, these families find a loving community where they receive resources, encouragement and prayer. Sometimes, families receive income-generating gifts at GFA gift distributions, and these gifts have the potential to change their lives forever.

Pray God will bless the families of sponsored children. May they know God’s peace, joy and love. May they be blessed with income-generating gifts, and may they use those gifts wisely to bring them out of poverty.

Pray for Strength and Patience for the Staff

Teaching, tutoring and mentoring a lot of children can be stressful. It takes much work to manage all the details to ensure the students receive everything they need, including the proper attention and guidance. Program staff also need to be aware of needs in the community and watch for other children who could benefit from the program. They work tirelessly, loving the children and wanting to see them thrive. They need strength and patience to effectively continue this work.

Pray God gives the staff members strength and patience to face the challenges of each day. May they not lose sight of why they’re serving these children but remember the impact they are making. Pray God blesses their devotion to Him and to the children in need.

Pray for Bright Futures

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program gives children the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty. They grow in confidence and learn valuable information about themselves and how they learn and process information. They know they have advocates who are invested in their lives. When they graduate, they can move on to a higher level of education, which opens doors that would otherwise be shut. The program gives children a solid foundation for their futures, but they keep building upon it through many life decisions during young adulthood.

Pray God will set each child on the path He would have them go. May He give them courage to tackle new things and bless them in all their endeavors.

Pray for the Sponsors

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program would not be possible without our sponsors. Each person who sponsors a child is making a significant difference in that child’s life. At the same time, each sponsor is also an individual, with a life and struggles of their own. It may be easy to feel alone, but no one is truly alone.

Pray God encourages each sponsor. May He go before them each day and be their shield and their strength. May He bless them in all that they do and reassure them that they are truly making a difference in the lives of others.

Pray for Children in Need

There are many children still in need who have not yet been enrolled in GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program. The program staff works tirelessly to bring such children into the program to help them, but there may be obstacles. Sometimes parents don’t understand the importance of education or the benefits it would have on the entire family. That’s why prayer is vital.

Pray God provides a way for children in need to be enrolled in the child sponsorship program. May He give the proper words to the staff to communicate clearly with the families the importance of education. May the families be willing to hear.

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