Pray for Film Ministry

It’s dark and the mosquitoes are biting, but dozens—maybe hundreds—of people sit transfixed by the scene they see playing on a big white screen: Jesus is dying on the cross. Tears fall and hard hearts melt at the depiction of Christ’s great sacrifice. Soon, shouts of triumph ring out from the crowd as Jesus rises from the dead.

After the movie, Gospel for Asia-supported film team missionaries stand up and explain more about the new life Jesus gives. They introduce the local pastor, and they offer to pray for anyone who has sicknesses or troubles; it will be hours before the team finishes talking with curious individuals.

Today, many similar scenes will take place in communities across Asia. Within a few hours, a film and a team of two to five missionaries can tell Jesus’ story to an entire community and provide an opportunity for the local pastor to start building relationships with villagers. The life of film-ministry missionaries is intense, but these workers are being used by God in mighty ways. Please pray with us for Gospel for Asia-supported film ministry.

Pray for Favor and Interest

When a film team enters a village, often one of the first things they do is meet the leader of that community and ask for permission to show their films. If the village spokesperson agrees, the team starts meeting families and inviting them to a film show in the evening. Through songs, skits, or even films about social problems, such as alcoholism and smoking, these missionaries draw crowds of curious people.

Please ask God to grant film teams favor with village leaders. Outspoken opponents could also deter families from attending film shows, so please pray many villagers will eagerly come to watch films.

Pray for Safety and Good Health

Film ministry is very effective, but it comes at a price—and sometimes that price is high. Film teams often face verbal and physical abuse when they encounter villagers who do not want to hear about Christ’s love.

The life of a film-team missionary is physically demanding; they rise early to pray, minister till late into the night, and travel over rough terrain. Some teams are equipped with a heavy-duty vehicle, while others transport their generator, projector and other equipment by bicycle or on foot.

Please pray God will bless film teams with good health and abundant energy, and ask Him to protect them from harm.

Pray for Good Conversations

Villagers often ask film teams to pray for their family problems, or they ask questions about the God whom they have not heard of before. Missionaries need God’s grace to understand the situation of each person they meet and to minister to many hurting people.

Please ask the Lord to enable film teams to relate with and minister to each person they speak with, and ask Him to guide their conversations.

Pray for More Film Teams

Members of film teams willingly pour out all of their energy into their ministry, yet there are still many areas where people do not know about God’s mercy and grace. More servant-hearted men and women are needed, as is more film equipment, to effectively share the news of His love.

Ask God to raise up more love-filled men and women to serve in film ministry, and pray they will have the tools they need for their ministry.

Pray for Unity and Love

The members of a film team are together all day, every day. They strive for love and unity, yet differences in personality, upbringing and habits must be overcome to live and serve together in a Christ-honoring manner. They also encourage and support the ministry of pastors or missionaries serving in the villages they visit. When unified, each person’s unique God-given gifts and abilities can work together to glorify Him in beautiful ways.

Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to cover our brothers and sisters with His hand of protection and give them strength and grace to continue on victoriously each day.

Pray for Transformed Lives

For many villagers, especially those who are illiterate and can’t read literature about Jesus, a film on His life is the first opportunity they have to learn about Christ. They are often struggling with heartbreaking situations and feel hopeless—until they hear of God’s healing and merciful nature through film ministry. Whether it’s immediately after watching the film or much later as they build relationships with the nearby pastor, many people joyfully choose to respond to His love.

Please pray many people will understand God’s mercy and love through film ministry.

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