Pray for Christmas Gifts

To many across the globe, Christmas is the season of giving. It’s a time we think about others and plan to bless our friends and family with gifts that let them know we love and care for them. In Asia, GFA workers give out Christmas gifts year round to uplift and bless those shackled by poverty. Our Christmas gift program provides the needy and impoverished with income-generating or quality-of-life gifts. Gifts such as farm animals, sewing machines and BioSand water filters bring recipients joy and hope, along with the knowledge that God loves and cares for them.

Last year, GFA workers blessed 262,534 families with gifts from our generous donors! This Christmas, we hope to bless even more people, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic casting a dark cloud over millions of families’ futures.

Pray with us this month for Christmas gifts and the people who will receive them.

Pray for Opportunities to Bless

The COVID-19 pandemic halted millions of livelihoods and plunged many families into poverty.1 While many lockdowns have been eased, the effects are still widespread. Millions of people are reeling from the sudden change of circumstances, trying to find some foothold with which to begin the recovery process. However, gifts given through GFA World’s Christmas catalog can bless such families in their time of need by providing them with an income-generating animal or tool.

Pray GFA workers can discover and the meet the needs of families still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

1 Anna, Cara. “Up to 150 million could join extreme poor, World Bank says.” Associated Press. 7 October 2020.

Pray for More Donors

It’s through our generous donors that much of what GFA does, especially distributing Christmas gifts, is possible. Donors help transform lives every time they give a gift or pray for the work. They are the lifeblood of the ministry and help it grow and thrive on the field.

Pray many people will answer the Lord’s call to help bless lives in Asia by giving a gift through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog.

Pray for Gift Distribution Events

Before handing out gifts, GFA workers spend time surveying the needs around them to discover who could benefit the most from a gift and what gift would be crucial to the recipients’ survival. Then they need to request, buy and distribute the gifts. It takes time, wisdom and organization to put together a gift distribution event that will bless the people in their communities.

Pray the Lord will bless our GFA workers with wisdom and discernment to know who in their community is in most need of a Christmas gift. Pray also that the Lord will cover every gift distribution with His grace.

Pray for a Lasting Impact

Every gift is chosen with care and given attention to quality when GFA workers are preparing to bless an individual or family with a much-needed item to boost their circumstances. They give out only the best gifts and pray they will make a lasting impact in the recipients’ lives that extends to the generations to come. Many gifts given, such as farm animals or sewing machines turn out to be critical in helping fathers and mothers provide their children with education to ensure their futures.

Pray the gifts given make a lifelong impact, bringing boundless blessing and joy to their recipients.

Pray God’s Love Is Present in Every Gift

Every recipient of a GFA Christmas gift hears about how God loves and cares for them. GFA workers strive to impart God’s love to recipients, ensuring these precious people they are not alone in their struggles; they are cherished by the God who created them. GFA workers seek to meet not only the physical needs of recipients, but also their spiritual and emotional ones.

Pray those who receive a Christmas gift are encouraged and transformed in the saving knowledge of God’s love.

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