Pray for Those Who Need Mosquito Nets

Malaria remains an ever-present threat to impoverished communities. In 2020, there were an estimated 241 million malaria cases worldwide, an increase from the previous year’s 227 million cases.1 The poorest communities often have no way to protect themselves, leaving many vulnerable to disease—or even death.

As GFA World missionaries and pastors see this constant threat in the communities they serve, they take action. They distribute mosquito nets, which are among the most effective vector controls of malaria. Treated with insecticide, mosquito nets help ward off the mosquitoes and other biting bugs, and they are especially useful at night when families are most defenseless.

Join us this month as we pray for mosquito nets to impact people’s lives.

1 World Health Organization. “Malaria.” 06 April 2022.

Pray for Return of Services

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the fight against malaria,2 and mosquito nets are more important than ever. Cases had been decreasing over the last 20 years, but with the pandemic caused-delay of diagnoses and treatment, these last two years have seen a sharp increase in fatalities from malaria.3

Pray that services and initiatives, including the distribution of mosquito nets, would lead to more lives saved this year than ever before.

2 “Malaria: Frequently Asked Questions.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed January 27, 2021.

3 World Health Organization. “Malaria.” 06 April 2022.

Pray for Logistics and Wisdom

GFA missionaries are always looking for ways to help those in need, and providing mosquito nets to vulnerable families is one way they do so. The missionaries work hard to make sure nets are given to those who need them most, but there may be many families facing the same struggle, and supplies may be limited. Additionally, organizing the distributions takes planning and communication between field leaders, suppliers and leaders of the local community.

Pray the Lord gives GFA missionaries and pastors wisdom as they seek to bless families with mosquito nets.

Pray for Effectiveness

Mosquito nets are currently one of the greatest assets a family can have to protect against mosquito-borne diseases. Recipients will use the nets almost every evening as they sleep, comforted by the knowledge the nets will help protect them.

Pray the distributed mosquito nets last for many years, helping protect the families that receive them.

Pray for Touched Hearts, Transformed Communities

As GFA missionaries distribute mosquito nets to protect families from malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses, they also offer Christ’s love to all. They want to meet not only people’s physical needs but also their spiritual ones and demonstrate the reality of a God who truly loves them.

Pray God’s love is present and palpable throughout every gifted mosquito net, and pray recipients will experience real change in their lives.

Pray for Opportunities to Bless Families in Need

Despite the many families that have been provided with mosquito nets, millions more remain in need as cases of malaria continue to increase across the world.4 It’s through our donors’ gifts that GFA missionaries and pastors can provide protection to these precious people. The need is great, but God can equip His church to meet it.

Pray the Lord will open more opportunities to bless families with mosquito nets and help protect them against disease.

4 World Health Organization. “Malaria.” 06 April 2022.

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