Pray for Strong Families in Asia

Healthy families are important to the Lord’s heart and to society as a whole. Strong families impact communities by shaping future generations and teaching healthy worldviews. GFA helps nurture family units through many different ministries. By providing education, income-generating gifts, hygiene training, medical care, Jesus Wells and, most of all, news of the love of Christ, GFA-supported workers are helping many families experience change today.

This month, we can take part in building up healthy families in Asia through prayer. Together, we get to ask our Father in heaven to strengthen family units so the generations to come may be impacted for good.

Pray for GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program

Many men and women in Asia never attended school as children because of poverty. As adults, they struggle to send their children to school because they lack enough income to meet daily needs. GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers relieve families of many financial burdens. At the center, children receive all the materials they need for school, extra tutoring and lessons on helpful hygiene practices. They participate in community-building activities and get a healthy meal each time they come to the center. Bridge of Hope students and their families also receive practical gifts such as blankets and mosquito nets, which meet basic needs many families struggle to provide. Above all, each family is treated with respect and love as a reflection of God’s unconditional love for all mankind.

Please pray many families will receive help through Bridge of Hope centers. Ask God to help children and parents learn important values and skills through this program.

Pray for Broken Families to Be Restored, Redeemed

Many families in Asia are hurting. Some fathers try to drown their hardships in alcohol, while some mothers work as prostitutes in desperation to provide for their children. Poverty-stricken homes are not difficult to find.

GFA-supported workers, pastors and Sisters of Compassion are helping these families. Whether they counsel men to help them move past their addictions, give women the tools and skills they need to start a new trade or help a family get back on its feet with a few chickens or goats, these brothers and sisters are living proof of God’s love.

Through these ministries, many families learn about God’s love for the very first time. They discover their lives have meaning and receive a hope for restoration.

Please pray the Lord will heal these broken families and use our brothers and sisters to be ministers of peace and hope in their lives.

Pray for GFA-supported Workers and Their Families

GFA-supported missionaries, pastors and their families are busy people. In addition to weekly worship services and church events, Christmas gift distributions and frequent requests to pray for the sick and hurting, they also have responsibilities within their families. As their ministries flourish, their need to juggle family roles and their ministry only grows.

Please pray for a good balance of ministry and family time for these brothers and sisters. Ask the Lord to strengthen these families with grace while many eyes look to them as examples and as people come to them for help and prayer. Ask the Lord to bless these families and strengthen them by His Spirit daily.

Pray for Families Within the Church

GFA-supported congregations provide many family-building activities for their communities, all of which play vital roles in strengthening the individual members of a home. Men’s Fellowship groups help husbands learn to love their wives and better lead their families by studying God’s Word. Women learn to support their husbands and better care for their children through the Women’s Fellowship activities and prayer meetings. Sunday school lessons teach children to honor their parents, and young-adult meetings help youth grow in their passion for Jesus. All of these fellowships help strengthen the unity of mothers, fathers, children and even distant relatives because of the Lord’s work in their lives and hearts.

Please pray these activities and programs will help build strong families as each individual draws nearer to Christ.

Pray for Effective Medical Programs

GFA-supported medical camps and health care seminars offer services in some of the most remote villages that have no hospitals or medical facilities. Often people in these villages are too poor to access the medical attention they need.

Through receiving free medical care and hygiene training—in addition to gifts like Jesus Wells, BioSand water filters and mosquito nets—families are recovering from sicknesses, learning how to protect their health and gaining strength to better meet their needs.

Please pray the Lord will protect the health of families living in poverty, and ask Him to make a way for these medical programs to start in areas where help is most needed

Pray for Income-generating Gifts to Bless Families

Goats, sewing machines and rickshaws help build strong families by producing reliable income. Through these income-generating gifts, many families receive a chance to rise out of extreme poverty. The act of giving such a life-changing gift also brings hope and peace to anxious hearts as they learn how much God cares for them.

Please pray the Lord will continue to bless families with the items they need to make a living and help their families thrive!

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