Pray for Widows and Abandoned Children

In many impoverished parts of the world, some of the most vulnerable people—orphans, widows, abandoned children and single mothers—face relentless suffering. In these regions, desperate families often struggle to feed all their children. In the worst cases, they may simply stop trying and leave the children to fend for themselves. In other cases, a father may die or abandon his family, forcing the mother, and sometimes even the children, to work or beg for the family’s survival.

In addition to financial struggles, a widow is often blamed for her husband’s death and shunned by society. She may not even be able to get a job.

GFA missionaries reach out to widows and abandoned children by helping them in practical ways and praying for them so they can experience the love of Christ. They treat them with respect and kindness, restoring their humanity and dignity.

Join us this month as we pray for widows and abandoned children and for the missionaries ministering to them.

Pray for Provision

For widows and abandoned children, finding food can be a daily challenge. Sometimes they beg on streets, never knowing what they will receive. Sometimes they work backbreaking jobs for menial wages and can afford only non-nutritious rice.

Pray God will provide for the daily needs of the widows and abandoned children, bringing them food to satisfy their hunger as He does for the birds of the field (see Matthew 6:26).

Pray for Safety and Protection

Wandering the streets and begging for food puts children in danger of those who would exploit them. They may promise children they will take care of them and provide for their needs, but in reality, these unscrupulous people will traffic or abuse them. Widows, on the other hand, may be left at the mercy of family members who mistreat and shun them.

Pray that God safeguards the widows and children who are in these difficult situations. Ask Him to guide compassionate people to assist them and equip GFA missionaries to effectively help them.

Pray for Comfort

Can you imagine wandering the streets alone with only the clothes on your back, not knowing when you will next eat or where you will sleep at night? Or being cut off from society because of an unfortunate event you had no control over? How about feeling utterly alone and unloved? Many abandoned children and widows experience these realities every day.

Pray God comforts those who are in the depths of despair. May He show them His love and pave the way for them to overcome their dire situations.

Pray for Help

GFA missionaries pray for opportunities to assist the abandoned children and widows they encounter, and they shower them with Christ’s compassion.

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program often enrolls children who are in the neediest situations, such as those who are orphaned or abandoned. They are given access to practical help, such as meals, health care, clothes and educational support! GFA missionaries treat widows with love and kindness and often help them provide for themselves by distributing income-generating gifts like goats or sewing machines. Through the service of GFA missionaries, God changes futures from bleakness to hope.

Pray God will empower and encourage GFA missionaries as they see so many women and children in need. Pray He will help them to rejoice in each life that is now flourishing through His grace.

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