Pray for the Equipping of Missionaries

Unknown villages tucked away in the mountains, dusty roads and deep lush forests—these are only some of the places where GFA-supported national missionaries serve. Some travel on foot, while others have bicycles or motorcycles to get around. No matter where they are serving or what kind of ministry they are in, they are all ready to share the hope of Jesus with those who don't know He stands at the door and knocks.

As they travel and tell of the awesome love of God, like every skilled workman, they need the tools to equip them to effectively serve the Lord. This month, let us cry out to God on their behalf and ask Him to continue to provide for all their needs!

Pray for Bibles and Literature

As missionaries share about the Lord, often they will offer literature and Bibles to those who have questions and want to know more about Jesus. Many find new life after reading Christ's own words recorded in Scripture.

Together, let's pray the Lord will provide the literature and Bibles missionaries need to help people start a personal relationship with God.

Pray for Warm Winter Clothing

Can you imagine going out into snowy, freezing weather without a warm coat and hat? Some pastors and missionaries face severe winters, and it sometimes forces them to stay indoors, making it impossible to visit those they shepherd.

Let's ask the Lord to provide warm clothing for our brothers and sisters, and pray He will keep them healthy and able-bodied during the winter seasons.

Pray for More Bicycles

Having a bicycle or motorcycle enables national missionaries to minister in places they wouldn't normally be able to travel to. With this blessing comes responsibility: They now have more places to go and people to nurture.

Please pray God will provide missionaries, especially those who have to walk on foot, with bicycles. Pray these will be effective tools in their lives.

Pray for Effective Boat Ministry

Traveling by boat is not only an effective means of transportation in some regions of Asia, it also gives missionaries a chance to share the hope of Jesus with those they meet along the river. With a boat, missionaries can travel to remote islands to share hope and love with the communities there.

Please pray God will provide missionaries, especially those who have to walk on foot, with bicycles. Pray these will be effective tools in their lives.

Pray for Mobile Teams and Their Vehicles

Missionaries can only go so far on foot. Mobile teams, a unique area of the ministry, bring encouragement and wonderful news to distant villages through skits and movies on the life of Christ. Equipped with heavy-duty vehicles they are ready to splash through muddy water or climb up mountainous passes.

As they travel, let us pray God will keep mobile teams safe on the roads and keep their vehicles running smoothly. Please pray God will use their ministry to touch the hearts of many!

Pray for Equipment to Run Well

The sound of a generator can be heard in the night air as a film team prepares to show a movie on the life of Christ. With the projector on, hope fills the missionaries' hearts as villagers' eyes look expectantly at the screen before them.

As missionaries travel with equipment like projectors, generators and PA systems, let's pray God will help these tools run well. Pray they will be a blessing to those who use them, and pray for the lives of those who will hear about the king who humbled Himself and suffered for them.

Pray for Those Who Travel Long Distances

Whether it's forging streams, climbing mountains or biking through town, pastors and missionaries give their energy for the sake of offering others the hope of Jesus Christ. Some have several congregations to visit in one day, and they all have many people to meet and pray with daily.

Let us join together and pray in faith for stamina for these missionaries. Pray for protection, good health and safety as they follow the Lord in their calling.

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