Pray for Sri Lanka

On Easter Sunday in 2019, several churches and hotels in Sri Lanka were bombed, purportedly by suicide bombers. The death toll is up to 310 and includes many people who were attending Easter church services. Our hearts are grieved at this violence targeting Christians during one of the most important events of our faith, and we request that you pray with us for the nation of Sri Lanka during this time.

These bombings are the most devastating attacks since Sri Lanka’s civil war ended in 2009.

Please pray for the nation of Sri Lanka and for the families of those who lost loved ones. Pray for the attackers to be apprehended. Pray for the officials of the nation to have wisdom.

Pray for the needs of the country

Battered by civil war, the tsunami of 2004 and heavy flooding in 2010 and 2011, Sri Lanka has had its share of sorrow. Of the island nation’s 21 million citizens, 84 percent have never yet heard the Good News. GFA World is working to share the love of Christ through national missionaries, and God is also using GFA's Bridge of Hope Program to meet the needs of many children in Sri Lanka.

Through Christian literature distribution, Women’s Fellowships, radio and other ministries, these precious people are coming to know about the hope and salvation found in Jesus.

Pray for GFA's Child Sponsorship Program centers

GFA's Child Sponsorship Program is having a significant impact on the lives of children whose families have been devastated by 26 years of civil war. One center in northern Sri Lanka is home to 120 children, most of whom have lost one or both parents to the war. Pray these children will grow in the Father’s love and in their studies.

Read about a Child Sponsorship Program center that was destroyed by vandals and how you can pray here.

Pray for our Women’s Fellowships

Through Women's Fellowship, women learn about God's Word, memorize Scripture, pray, minister to their community, and worship the God who saved them. Pray for these women to experience Jesus as they participate in these programs and also take literacy classes at their local churches. Pray for the Women’s Fellowship leaders; many are first-generation believers and have not had much Bible training themselves. Pray they will have a heart for the ministry and grow in faith, wisdom and maturity.

Pray for continued recovery from the civil war and natural disasters

Scars remain in people’s hearts and on Sri Lanka’s landscape from years of destruction and natural disasters. Pray the people of Sri Lanka find hope and healing in Christ, and that God will protect them from more flooding.

Pray for leadership

Pray God will strengthen leaders in their walks with Him and in their passion for those who have never heard of Jesus. Pray that they will be an encouragement and support to missionaries and their families, sharing the lessons God has taught them.

Pray for Bibles

Of the seven spoken languages in Sri Lanka, four still do not have a Bible translated in their language. Pray for people still waiting to hear about Jesus. Ask God to soften their hearts, preparing them to receive the Good News.

Pray for radio

With more than 1 million listeners, radio is going into places where missionaries have yet to travel. Pray more people will hear and that the broadcasts will effectively share Jesus’ love. GFA-supported radio broadcasts the message of hope in Christ in two Sri Lankan languages: Sinhalese and Tamil.

Listen to a GFA Radio broadcast sample of these two languages.

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