Pray for Asia's Women Missionaries

In cultures that maintain strict social rules and separate men from women, Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries are often able to minister to Asia's ladies much more effectively than their male counterparts. These women missionaries are filled to overflowing with love for their Lord and eagerly pour out that love to other ladies around them.

The lives of many women in Asia are characterized by hard work, poverty, oppression and a lack of education, but through Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries, Asia's ladies are discovering how much their Creator cherishes them, and they are finding hope in Christ.

Please join us in prayer for Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries.

Pray for Fruitful Ministries

Millions of women in Asia grow up believing they are of little value or are unloved. Some areas of Asia report extremely high suicide rates among women, revealing how hopeless and broken many women feel. Yet amidst that pain, Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries are carrying God's message of hope, and thousands of lives are being transformed as a result.

Please pray God will continue to touch many lives through women missionaries and will bring the knowledge of His love to many ladies.

Pray for Those Serving in Difficult Areas

Many Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries serve in areas where Christians are not received warmly. Others minister day after day in very poor areas, including slums, or among leprosy patients, abandoned children or neglected widows. Wherever these women serve, they need physical, emotional and spiritual strength to bring God's comfort and truth to hurting hearts.

Please ask the Lord to equip and protect women missionaries in their areas of ministry and to continually fill them with His heart of compassion for those around them.

Pray for Unity and Fellowship

Women missionaries often minister in teams, linking their lives with one or two other sisters to share Christ's love with communities. These team members must provide encouragement and support for each other as they serve in harsh environments. Many of these ladies are the only Christians in their families, and some have been rejected by their relatives. The women they serve alongside often become their close friends and fill voids left by absent family members.

Pray God unites these women missionaries and enables them to encourage and minister to one another.

Pray for Missionaries' Wives

Missionaries' wives often serve alongside their husbands, supporting them in their ministries and leading church activities for women and children, such as literacy classes and Sunday school. When visiting neighboring villages, they share with the women while their husbands talk with the men. They may also be mothers and must balance various responsibilities between their home and ministry.

Please pray for God's blessing to be upon missionaries' wives, and ask Him to enable them to support their husbands and families well.

Pray for More Women Missionaries

By God's grace, thousands of women have chosen to commit their lives to serving the people in their nations, yet many men, women and children still need to hear that God loves them. In societies that expect women only to marry and raise children, single young women who desire to serve God and enter ministry can face many challenges.

Please pray God will call many more women to serve their communities, and ask Him to give courage to those who must overcome obstacles.

Pray for unity

As women missionaries minister to women, they travel together, sometimes in pairs and others times in groups of four or five. As they meet people and help those in need, the love of Christ is revealed through the love they have for each other.

Pray for unity, that God will build each sister up with faithful companions and friends to enable their work to be more effective.

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