Pray for GFA World's Medical Ministry

According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, “At least half of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services … And each year, large numbers of households are being pushed into poverty because they must pay for health care out of their own pockets.”1 This is an especially dire problem in parts of Africa and Asia where many people live in remote villages miles away from medical care.

To help those without access to health care or the funds to afford treatment, GFA missionaries host free medical camps in remote areas where people receive free medical care and witness Christ’s compassion in action.

Join us this month as we pray for GFA’s medical ministry.

1 “World Bank and WHO: Half the World Lacks Access to Essential Health Services, 100 million Still Pushed into Extreme Poverty Because of Health Expenses.” The World Bank. December 13, 2017.

Pray for More Medical Camps

For many people around the world, accessing health care is not an option. They’re located hours from a hospital or clinic, and even if they could get there, they couldn’t afford the treatment. All they can do is hope to get better, enduring their ailments in the meantime. But some don’t recover—they die from preventable and treatable conditions.

To prevent such tragedies, GFA missionaries conduct free medical camps in remote villages, providing treatment to those in need and sharing God’s love.

Pray for medical camps to be brought to many more villages. Ask the Lord to provide the necessary resources and bring together the right people to run the camps. May He also guide those who are in dire need of treatment to get help at the camps.

Pray for the Doctors and Staff

Every medical camp is run by GFA missionaries who team up with experienced nurses and doctors to see patients and offer treatment. This can be a grueling process as often hundreds of people come to the camp seeking medical attention. Every ailment is different, requiring a different solution, and it can be taxing to determine the right treatment for each patient.

Pray for the doctors and other staff at the medical camps to have the strength to conduct the camps and help as many patients as possible. May they understand the ailments they encounter and know the proper treatments for each one.

Pray for Those in Need of Medical Treatment

Many people in Africa and Asia fall ill to preventable illnesses because of inadequate living conditions, malnutrition, deprivation, and other factors. They may experience Vitamin A deficiencies, leading to blindness, weakened immune systems or even death, or they may suffer from diseases that mosquitos carry. They may be in extreme poverty, or they may be living in remote areas that have never been reached by a doctor. The nearest hospital may be hours away, and treatment is often beyond what they can afford, but GFA medical camps provide hope to people in need—sometimes just in time to save their lives.

Pray for the people in remote villages who need medical treatment. Ask God to help us bring medical camps to these disadvantaged areas so the sick may receive treatment. May they experience healing, hope and Christ’s love.

Pray for the Hospital in Rwanda

GFA World is currently building a 300-bed tertiary care hospital in Rwanda which, once built, will be the second most prominent hospital in the country. It will also be a medical college, training people from Rwanda and surrounding countries to be health-care professionals. This will become a base from which trained medical professionals can launch into surrounding countries, spreading the care and hope of the Great Physician around the continent. Much like our hospital in Asia, this new hospital will be a place where people will receive medical care and find hope, healing and God's Word.

Pray for the construction of the hospital—that the work will not be hindered and will stay on schedule. May God provide all the resources for this undertaking, from construction and equipment needs to skilled personnel. May the hospital be a blessing to the local area and surrounding lands.

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