Pray for GFA World's Medical Ministry

They suffer in silence. Forgotten by the world, left to the mercy of their pain. They long for a way out—a way to ease their seizing stomach cramps, a way to ensure their children don’t go blind, a way to treat their diabetes. But there is no way. No clinic near enough or staffed enough to offer help. No money to pay for treatment even if they could find it. They’re forced to endure—and sometimes to die—with no hope. And there are millions of them, suffering every day for lack of essential health services they need to survive and thrive. 1

When Jesus saw people burdened like this, He felt deep compassion for them. Even now, He sees their suffering. He sees the middle-aged mother confined to her bed, unable to cook for her family due to severe stomach pain. He sees the children who are losing their eyesight due to lack of Vitamin A—and the parents who don’t have the funds to prevent it. And He sees the old woman who has suffered for weeks from the diabetes she can’t afford to treat.

But they don’t know that He sees them. They don’t know that He cares. And they’re running out of time before their medical needs overpower them and it’s too late.

That’s why GFA missionaries host medical camps in remote areas, inviting people to receive free medical care and to witness Christ’s compassion in action. Join us this month as we pray for those suffering without medical care and for the people working to help them!

1 “World Bank and WHO: Billions Left Behind on the Path to Universal Health Coverage.” WHO. September 18, 2023.

Pray for Those in Need of Medical Treatment

Often, people in Africa and Asia fall ill to preventable illnesses because of factors such as inadequate living conditions, malnutrition and deprivation. They may experience Vitamin A deficiencies, leading to blindness or weakened immune systems; or they may suffer from mosquito-borne diseases. Many of their illnesses are both preventable and treatable, but when they get sick, treatment is often beyond reach due to their remote location, financial crisis or both. GFA medical camps provide hope to people in need—sometimes just in time to save their lives.

Please pray we can reach these precious people with medical help in time. Pray that as they attend medical camps, they will feel the love of Christ and experience physical and spiritual healing. Pray for these dear ones as the Apostle John prayed, that they, “may prosper in all things and be in health, just as [their] soul prospers” (3 John 1:2).

Pray for More Medical Camps

Without access to health care or the funds to pay for medical help, people suffer and even die without ever hearing the name of Jesus. To prevent such tragedies, GFA missionaries have helped thousands receive free medical care in Jesus’ name through medical camps. Together, let’s pray for even more medical camps this year.

Pray for medical camps to be brought to many more villages. Ask the Lord to provide the necessary resources and bring together the right people to run the camps. Pray for wisdom for leaders as they decide where to host these events. Pray also that He will guide those who are in dire need of treatment to get help at the camps.

Pray for Doctors

Many of the doctors and nurses who help with medical camps are volunteers from the local community, with regular jobs of their own. They give their precious time to serve the forgotten ones of society for free, and many people are blessed as a result. Sometimes, the doctors themselves are surprised by the love and care they witness at GFA medical camps.

Please pray each doctor will experience Christ’s love for themselves as they work with us. Pray they will be blessed as they serve. Pray also for more doctors and nurses to partner with us so we can host even more medical camps!

Pray for the Medical Camp Staff

It takes a whole team to organize and run a medical camp. Local missionaries prepare for camps in their areas by coordinating with nurses and doctors, Sisters of Compassion and even youth from the local church, making sure that medicines and personnel are in place and ready to serve the community.

When the big day arrives, the medical camp usually lasts from sunup to sundown, often with hundreds in attendance. Doctors or nurses examine each patient and offer solutions. Volunteers help patients understand how to use the free medicines they receive. Local pastors make sure everyone is cared for—physically and spiritually—often listening to and praying for people in need.

Please pray for the doctors, missionaries and volunteers at the medical camps to have the strength to conduct the camps so they can help as many patients as possible. Pray for wisdom to understand the ailments they encounter and know the proper treatments for each one. Pray for Christ’s love to flow through them, and pray that as they bless others, they themselves will be blessed.

Pray for the GFA Hospital Under Construction in Rwanda

GFA World is currently building a 300-bed hospital in Rwanda to serve the precious people of East Africa. Fully equipped with state-of-the art medical equipment, such as an MRI, the hospital will significantly advance health care in the region. It will also be a medical college, training people from Rwanda and surrounding countries to be healthcare professionals. By the grace of God, this will become a base from which trained medical professionals can serve surrounding countries, spreading the care and hope of the Great Physician around the continent. Much like our hospital in Asia, this new hospital will be a place where people both receive medical care and experience the compassion of the God who loves them.

Please pray for the construction of the hospital—that the work will not be hindered and will stay on schedule. May God provide all the resources for this undertaking, from construction and equipment needs to skilled personnel. May the hospital be a blessing to the local area and surrounding lands.

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